The Super Simple Beginner Mash recipe


Are you new to home-distilling and looking for that easy beginner level recipe that creates a smooth and great tasting corn whiskey?

You're in the right place. This recipe is so simple and nearly fail proof. It's a great place for the beginner to start because you get the joy of a great tasting homemade shine from one of the easiest recipes there is.

This recipe can be modified for any batch size. This tutorial is for making a 10 gallon batch.

Step 1: Cook The Grains

Bring 5 gallons of water to a boil in a pot big enough to hold the water and the grain. Once the water starts to boil lower the heat and add the cracked corn and the sweet feed. Then continuously stir for 30 minutes.

Note: If  you don't stir continuously you run the risk of letting the grains scorch on the bottom of the pot.

Many of my readers over the years have told me it is hard to source the UN-PELLETED All Stock grain. It is very important not to use All Stock that has pellets. To answer the need of those readers I created the 10 gallon super simple beginner recipe kit. It has all the ingredients except sugar and you can get it right here on

Step 2 Transfer The Grains

Transfer the mash into a fermenter that is at least a 13 gallon capacity. If you don't have a sealable fermenter with an air lock you can use an ice chest or any container with a lid that will keep bugs out and let carbon dioxide escape. Then stir in 15 lbs. sugar while the mash is hot The hot mash helps the sugar dissolve. 

Once the sugar is dissolved add in 5 gallons of cold water. This will help bring down the temperature. The target temperature to pitch the yeast is 90F. DADY (Dry Activated Distillers Yeast) yeast loves this recipe.

You may have to wait for the temp to come down, but don't let the temperature drop below 80F. The yeast will have a harder time getting going.

Step 3: Pitch The Yeast

Once the target temp is reached you want to aggressively stir the mash to aerate it. The initial stage of yeast colonization requires oxygen. Now stir in the yeast and seal the fermenter or close the lid on the ice chest.

That's it. You're done!


This simple 3 step recipe is great for the beginner and you find yourself coming back to it time and time again.

We have even put together an ingredients kit that we'll ship straight to your mailbox. (Discreet shipping). Just click the image below to order.

corn mash recipe ingredients kit with corn and all stock


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