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  • 10 Gallon Super Simple Beginner Ingredients Kit (FREE SHIPPING)

10 Gallon Super Simple Beginner Ingredients Kit (FREE SHIPPING)

(14 customer reviews)


This ingredients kit is exactly what you need to make the “Super Simple Beginner Mash Recipe”. For the beginner, it can be difficult to find a reliable recipe to begin your home-distilling hobby that leaves out all the complex aspects of making your own whiskey at home. I created the “Super Simple Beginner Mash Recipe” to be smooth, tasty, and most important, SIMPLE.

This kit includes all the ingredients you need except water and sugar to make a 10 gallon batch of mash. There are variations of this recipe that include other ingredients and you can experiment with those variations as you grow in this exciting hobby or…. when you find out how great this recipe tastes and how simple it is you may just stick with it.


3 lbs of all-grain sweet feed

6 lbs of cracked corn

2 tbs of dry activated yeast.



But we don’t just want you to succeed – we want you to be the best shiner you can be. That’s why we’ve included bonus STC Guide Sheets to help you along the way. The Triple Scale Hydrometer Guide will give you a solid understanding of this essential tool, and the Beginner’s Cut Chart will provide a starting point for making your cuts during distillation. And in the unlikely event that you run into fermentation problems, the Stuck Ferment Guide offers a simple four-step troubleshooting process to get you back on track.

With our quality ingredients and expert guidance, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying the fruits of your labor. Order now and start your moonshine hobby.

Try your hand at rapid oak aging with a sample of our medium charred oak.

  • Yes, please send me 2 sample sticks of the medium charred American White oak.

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14 reviews for 10 Gallon Super Simple Beginner Ingredients Kit (FREE SHIPPING)

  1. David Moon

    One of the best. Great ingredients easy to use and ready to start a easy journey into a exciting hobby!

  2. Cory

    Super simple and the finished product tastes fantastic!

  3. Jason Shaffer

    Great way for anyone to make a good tasting product! You can’t beat this for as easy as it is.

  4. Edmundo Melendez

    Great product! Juts made my first batch and it was really simple and the flavor is great!

    • cyrus

      I’m so glad you liked it, Edmundo. Thank you for the comment.

  5. Carter

    Very good recipe easy to make

  6. Coy

    Just finished making the simple recipe and aged it on heavy charred oak. Delicious! I got a feeling I won’t be buying liquor anytime soon. Thx Cyrus.

  7. Daniel

    So tasty and easy to produce. As my first batch into this incredible hobby, you absolutely can’t go wrong. Many happy family members.

  8. dave

    ok, package arrived quickly, and was filled very quick, everything i need everything looks good, i shall start a batch, in couple weeks, and update my review, great lil hobby for us whaskey and bourbon sippers see ya in few weeks

  9. Kevin

    Well packaged ,shipped fast
    Cooked up into a great mash, and got great conversion and ran great in my ambelec still.
    Now comes the hard part aging it and the waiting to taste it!

  10. Philip

    I have ordered 3 of the 10 gallon kits of the Super Simple. Followed exactly to the instructions and the video. What a wonderful product. Great packing. All bags were sealed tight. Fast shipping. And most importantly, great tasting. Thank you Cyrus.

  11. Bryan

    This is the way to go! Great product from great folks. I’m on my second kit and up until that first kit I had never brewed a thing in my life! Followed the instructions and I’ll be damn, taste is better than any store bought!! SHINE ON !

  12. Erik Artieri

    I just started moonshining this is what I used for my first batch. It tasted great. I just ordered another box for another batch

  13. John Augustine

    The kit arrived very quickly and everything was nicely vacuum packed. Looks like great care was taken in packaging everything. This is my first attempt at anything other than wine and I am very excited about seeing where it goes.

  14. Tony Pohren

    I am interested in trying this out. I am just curious what proof does it make?

    • cyrus

      Thank you for your interest. Proof is determined by 3 factors.
      1. The amount of passive or forced reflux in the distillation process of the still you’re using
      2. The cuts that you make during the distillation process.
      3. The ABV% of the mash that you run in the still.
      This kit will have an ABV% of around 6% depending on the amount of sugar you choose to use. That said, you can expect to geta top end proof around 135 with a basic still that has verry little reflux. The proof can be higher if you are using a still with a reflux column or thumper. I hope this helps.

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