10 Gallon Super Simple Beginner Ingredients Kit


This ingredients kit is exactly what you need to make the “Super Simple Beginner Mash Recipe”. For the beginner, it can be difficult to find a reliable recipe to begin your home-distilling hobby that leaves out all the complex aspects of making your own whiskey at home. I created the “Super Simple Beginner Mash Recipe” to be smooth, tasty, and most importantly simple.

This kit includes all the ingredients you need except water and sugar to make a 10 gallon batch of mash. There are variations of this recipe that include other ingredients and you can experiment with those variations as you grow in this exciting hobby or…. when you find out how great this recipe tastes and how simple it is you may just stick with it.


3 lbs of all grain sweet feed

6 lbs of cracked corn

2 tbs of dry activated yeast.