3-5-22: 30 gallon Insulated Mash Tun/Fermenter Build-Part 2


Livestream Date : March 5th, 2022 at 12:00pm CST

Introduction: A mash tun is a container that you can use to make your mash in and ferment in. The convenience of this is a double duty piece of equipment. Make your mash in the tun then when that's done add your yeast and let it ferment. We're also going to insulate this one so it can more easily be used  in colder weather conditions.

Description: In this build-a-long we will be constructing the outer barrel of the insulated mash tun/fermenter. After this livestream we will have completed the insulated mash tun/fermenter. You now have a 30 gallon insulated mash tun/fermenter.

Insulated Mash Tun build part 2Parts List

Bellow is a list of all parts and materials you will need the day of the build. I have provided Amazon links for all the items available on Amazon.

1 - 55 gallon plastic barrel.

As a last resort you can get one of these on Amazon, but it will cost you a hundred dollar bill. These can usually be found locally on Facebook market place or at mom and pop hardware stores and feed stores used for $20 or less. This barrel doesn't even have to be food grade as it will not come in contact with your mash at any time. We will be cutting the top off so don't worry about the configuration of the top.

8 - Expanding foam in a can

These come in different levels of expansion. These cans are the labelled as BIG expansion and will fill gaps up to 3". Honestly I have no idea how many it will take. I got 8, we'll see.

You should be able to pick these up at your local big box lumber yard.


I found these big blocks of foam at my local Tractor Supply. TSC uses them for shipping and will throw them away or give them to you if you ask. If you can get 3 or 4 of these it's perfect.

We'll use these to raise the 30 gallon barrel up about 12" inside the 55 gallon barrel, so the tops of both barrels are even. We'll also be cutting them up into smaller pieces to use as filler between the 2 barrels.

If you can't get ahold of some of these foam blocks then you'll need a milk crate to set the 30 gallon barrel on in the 55 gallon barrel.

Insulated Mash Tun Tools List

Tools needed:

1 - hack saw or any kind of saw to cut the PVC

1 - 2" hole saw bit/paddle bit

Jig saw or circular saw to cut the top off of the 55 gallon barrel

Hand saw to cut up the foam blocks

I will see you on March 5th, and we will finish building this thing! Stay tuned!


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