Understanding the home distilling jargon is one of the first critical steps in really diving into the art and science of home distillation. It can be really hard to learn from the experienced shiners out there if it seems like they’re speaking their own language. We have compiled one of the most comprehensive glossaries of

Ultimate Home Distillers Glossary

Learning how to use specific gravity will be one of the most valuable skills for the beginner moonshiner or home distiller. How to calculate ABV is very important to improving your craft

Understanding Specific gravity for home-distilling

This easy 3 step beginner recipe for corn whiskey tastes great and is perfect for the new home distiller.

The Super Simple Beginner Mash recipe

Show concept and the basics of distillation Sign up for The Mash here. The goal of Still’n The Clear The focus of this show is going to be to get more people into home distilling. We’re going to start with basics and move through all the aspects of home distilling we can discover.  We are

The Very Simple Basics of Home-Distillation