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George Washington Rye clone kit (FREE SHIPPING)

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George Washington Rye is an iconic whiskey steeped in American tradition. This kit is Still’n The Clear’s attempt at creating a clone kit for the home distiller. This kit includes all the ingredients you need to replicate this world famous rye whiskey. The George Washington Rye clone kit produces a 6 gallon batch with a starting gravity around 1.068. It also includes Broken Bones Distillery liquid enzymes for efficient and simple starch conversion.



Complete set of easy to follow instructions and of course several STC guide sheets.

7 lbs. Malted rye

4 lbs. Ground yellow dent corn

1.5 lbs. Malted 2 – row barley

1 oz. DADY yeast

15 ml. high temp liquid enzymes

10 ml. glucoamylase


1 review for George Washington Rye clone kit (FREE SHIPPING)

  1. Charlie

    Don’t have anything to review. Free shipping is nice

    • cyrus

      Your kit George Washington Rye kit is shipping today. I would love to know what you think when it arrives.

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