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Welcome to Moonshine For Beginners

We're so glad you're here and we'd like to thank you for joining us!

By joining the Moonshine For Beginners group, you have become part of the Moonshine for Beginners family. This extended family is extremely inclusive and is made up of like-minded individuals who share a passion for making the craft of moonshining available to all.

When the group was established in 2019 by Cyrus Mason, he had a vision for creating a community that could provide everything for the aspiring moonshiner.

We have a whole range of skills within the group and are able to support novices and experts alike. We encourage helpfulness and patience, and we love to explore new ways of doing things. We have a group of experienced Administrators who oversee the running of the site and a group dedicated to introducing new initiatives.

Moonshine for Beginners is the community element of Still’n The Clear (, which has a website, YouTube Channel and Podcast.

The MeWe platform on which the group chat is based is pretty straightforward, but in case you’re not familiar with it, we have instructions on how to get the most out of it.

Your details are secure. Some members have picked a ‘Shiner’ name for use on the platform, but if you want to use your own name, that’s fine. We do ask that you fill in your profile for us.

We do not allow politics, racism, misogyny or homophobia or bullying on the site and we encourage everyone to participate fully. Having said that, we recognise that not all will wish to do that, and that is fine also.

We run regular “giveaways” where members can enter a drawing for moonshine related items that have been donated or provided by existing members.

Still’n The Clear YouTube channel has “how to” videos on a whole host of moonshining activity. It’s popular with moonshine for Beginners members and is open to all comers.

You can purchase grain kits and merchandise from the website, and we are constantly looking at ways to offer Moonshining products at competitive prices.

The Administration Team

The Administration team is the group responsible for the smooth running and day to day management of Moonshine for Beginners.

The team is made up of experienced ‘Shiners’ who all have a good knowledge of all the processes that go into making high quality spirits.

On top of that they all have additional specialist skills.

@Cyrus MasonCyrus is the owner, and leader of the group. He has extensive knowledge of all things building, mashing, and distilling. He has been moonshining longer than he will care to admit

@WindsongBrought up in a moonshining family and skilled in all aspects. She is our expert mixologist and medicinal moonshine specialist

@Joe Stillwater- Expertise in reflux column and shotgun condenser building, SCR controllers, Brandy and Bourbon and wine making.

@Iron DukeBrought up on traditional Scotch whisky and all grain mashes. Built several stills, PID controllers, PWR controllers and fermenting cabinets. Whisky/Whiskey and Brandy, and Gin. Keen to ensure
that information is available to everyone.

@Scott McNeill – experienced moonshiner. Started with a small “off the
shelf” still before building his 8-gallon copper Still, Thumper and Condenser.
Brandy and Sour Mash are his favored spirits.

@Backwoods_S – An Off-Grid Homesteader and ‘old school’
Expertise in building and modifying distillation equipment, including
submarine stills.

@Jake B – A long-time student of distilling and distillation methods. He
describes himself as an ‘Urban Distiller’, and firmly believes that hands
on experience teaches you more than you can learn from the pages of a
A distiller of whiskey and neutral spirits from which he makes Gin and

@BSG Miner – Experienced in various moonshine techniques such as
grains, sugars, and syrups. Still modifications to well-known products.
Enjoys the mathematical calculations associated with distilling and
enjoys disappearing down the ‘Rabbit hole’ every once in a while.

As you can see, our Admin group has a formidable wealth of knowledge that they are happy to share with you all, as are the rest of this great community

So, we do hope you enjoy all that Moonshining for Beginners has to offer and enjoy being part of the family.


Moonshine for beginners

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