The Very Simple Basics of Home-distillation

Show concept and the basics of distillation

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The goal of Still'n The Clear

The focus of this show is going to be to get more people into home distilling. We’re going to start with basics and move through all the aspects of home distilling we can discover. 

We are going to talk about the process, the science, the equipment, the supplies and off course the final product.

I’m going to be doing bonus episodes where I interview veteran moonshiners about their process and recipes.

I’m going to interview newcomers to the hobby and talk about their journey and the things that have been helpful to them.

I’m also going to do product reviews for various pieces of equipment.

What is moonshine?

The definition of moonshine: Illicitly distilled or smuggled liquor.

Moonshine is not a certain type of liquor.

Moonshine can be a whiskey, a brandy, a vodka, a rum

What makes moonshine moonshine is the fact that Uncle Sam didn't get his cut.